Al's PPLister

PPLister Released 19 August 2014

I feel PPLister is a great addition to PlanePlotter, A couple of features i personally like:
Double clicking the HEX/ICAO code highlights the Airframe on the PlanePlotter Screen (Concentric Rings)
Right Click the HEX/ICAO Code and you can update the User Notes (provided you have a User Notes Column in your Database) held within the Basestation.sqb (This will appear in the PPLister window after a couple of refreshes).
Under Database Management you can do a search on HEX/ICAO Code, this will search the Basestation.sqb to allow updating and adding Notes.

Below from the Help File
Note that the version number is shown in the Form Header.
PP Lister has evolved from a self learning project to use OLE, as Plane Plotter has such an interface it made an ideal 'server' to use.
It provides information only if it available in the PP OLE Interface.
Range is in Nautical Miles.
The Range and Bearing are calculated from the Lat / Long difference between the selected location and the target.
On start up the program loads the last location from the config file ( this is saved on exit).
Also note this does not change the center point of your home lat / long, only the reference point from which the distance and bearing are calculated.
The opening screen is shown below:

Please Read The Built In Help File For Further Information.
there is also a pdf of the help file in the main directory.
Download Link at bottom of this page.

The buttons on the left mimic the Accelerator keys in PlanePlotter.

PPlister 7.1

Below Image of PPlister v7 Polar Plot displayed on PlanePlotter.


Below Image of PPlister v7 displayed on top PlanePlotter using the transparency feature.


Extract the below Zip and run PPLister.exe click Setup and then Get Home this will input your home location details from PlanePlotter.
Then Click Program and Start
Note: If you set up PlanePlotter in the Tools Directory, copy the PPLister Directory to there and then create a shortcut to the PPLister.exe on your desktop.

PPlister V8.2 Download Click Here
(You may need to right click when downloaded to your pc, click properties and Unblock)