Basic Install.

This video will show you how to install PlanePlotter from the beginning.
Including where to get the software from and how to keep your time synchronised.
PlanePlotter can be downloaded and used free of charge for 21 days to process and display data from your own receiver.
To display other users data using the Internet sharing feature, or to continue to use the program after 21 days requires payment of the licence fee.
Payment can be done swiftly and securely on-line and costs only Euro €25 (plus VAT for EU residents) for personal use. A higher fee applies to professional or commercial use of PlanePlotter.
We strongly recommend that you ensure that PlanePlotter performs to your satisfaction before registering. (Bev COAA).
Click the 4 arrows top right of video to go full screen..
Click Screen To Pause Anytime.

NOTICE: the BaseStation.sqb in this video is no longer available, however you can now download one from within PlanePlotter.