MyView is another add-on to PlanePlotter courtesy of Al Stepney.
MyView will allow you via a separate window the ability to
Add or remove .gpx and .out files easily.

Latest Version MyView V3.1.0.0
Download Link at Bottom Of Page
Please See Included MyViewHelp.pdf in zip for info.


All the .out/.gpx file shown are the ones located in your PlanePlotter Charts Folder.
What MyView will do is rename all these files to a .ou_ or .gp_

Depending on what files you want shown on your PlanePlotter Outline View you choose in this window.
MyView will scan all files and rename to .out/.gpx if selected.

You can save various files to show for different areas:
Select the .gpx/.out files you want to see on the PlanePlotter Outline then press Update
Once you are happy with the PlanePlotter Display click file and Save Configuration (Call it a Name of your Choice)
Then you can set up another range of .out/.gpx and call it something else,
For Example you could have one called 'Airways' that shows just the Airways for your region
of have a set just for 'Military Airfields', Civil Airfields etc etc.
NOTE: - Make Sure you Select the general.out in all saved configurations as this is your Main Coastal Outline
Also Save the High Resolution Coastal Outline in all saved configurations as this is your Main Coastal Outline

Download MyView V3.1.0.0 Here
(You may need to right click when downloaded to your pc, click properties and Unblock)
Extract to a folder of your choice C:\Tools for example.
Once done double click MyView.exe