This page describes how to set up PlanePlotter to send an email when PlanePlotter triggers an Alert
Download Blat and save it in your PlanePlotter Logs Folder

Open notepad and copy the below lines to it.
All on One Line

@echo off
Blat.exe "alertmessage.txt" -f "from email address here" -to "to email address here" -subject "ModeS Alert" -server "mail server" -port 25 -u "username" -pw "password"

From Notepad, save the file named as PPalert.bat and place in the same directory as Blat.exe. Perhaps put both in your Logs Folder.
Then in Plane Plotter, in the Shell alert setup window type: PPalert.bat.
Remember to set the Alert to 'Enable' in Options-Alert-Alert Shell
The file AlertMessage.txt is used to send the alerts so if there is not one already in your logs folder just create a .txt file called that. You can double click on ppalert.bat to test it and all being well you should get an email.

To make things it a little easier for some you can also download from LWBlat Gui This is a front-end for Blat and makes setting up the ppalert.bat file easier, and it will also allow you to test the command first.
Download a zip with a prepared alertmessage.txt and a PPalert.bat file here
Extract and save it in your PlanePlotter Logs Folder then edit the details in the ppalert.bat file (Open with NotePad)