PlanePlotter and the RTL1090 Software

IMPORTANT NOTE: PC Based RTL Dongle Users Only
In order to Provide Correct useable RAW Data for PlanePlotter Mlats please use Dump1090win,
Master User Status Will Be LOST If You Are Not Using Dump1090win
A video on how to set up can be found

NOTE There is a Newer Version of RTL1090 than shown in the second video further down this page, Please Make sure you watch the first video.

The Below Video will show you how to Install and configure RTL1090 for use with PlanePlotter
Setting Up PlanePlotter can be seen in the second video , although if you use the setup wizard in PlanePlotter you should be able to get up and running.

Click the 4 arrows top right of video to go full screen, Click screen to pause anytime.

This Below Video will show you how to install the Dongle and configure the RTL1090 software with PlanePlotter,
Please watch the above video first as RTL1090 software has changed
To Download RelWithDebInfo files (including msvrc100.dll) Click Here
Click the 4 arrows top right of video to go full screen.. Click Screen To Pause Anytime.

Below image with the Dongle Attached to 15mtrs of westflex 103 coax to the chimney mounted BS1100 Antenna .

RTL1090 SoftwareRTL1090 Software