My Squawk

My Squawk is another add-on to PlanePlotter courtesy of Al Stepney.
My Squawk will show you (in a separate window) Extended Squawk Info from PlanePlotter.

NEW for V2:

With Credit and Thanks to 'ColoradoRedlands' (Chris) USA users now have a squawk file for there Country.
To select the Squawk File for your Country start PlanePlotter (you may need to run PlanePlotter as Administrator) then Start MySquawk.
Double click the Squawk Number in MySquawk then select the file of your choice.
If you click either the Hold or Release text (Above the Operator Flag) My Squawk will Hold on that Airframe or it will Release it when an Mlat or SMU Process is started.

My Squawk connects to PlanePlotter via the OLE Interface and will look into a .csv file to obtain Squawk Info for that Flight.
NOTE: - Current Squawk Files for UK and USA Only
If you take the time to create a Squawk file for your country I will host it here for other users
Credit will be given to the creator .


Please See Included ReadMe in zip for info.

Download My Squawk V2 Here
(You may need to right click when downloaded to your pc, click properties and Unblock)
Extract to a folder of your choice C:\Tools for example.

Open the folder and then edit the silpath.txt file to show the path to your OperatorFlags Folder.
Example: C:\Tools\PlanePlotter\OperatorFlags\ (NOTE: the trailing slash '\' at the end).
Once done double click MySquawk.exe
This will start MySquawk running in the background.
Select an Aircraft in PlanePlotter (Outline or Map View) and My Squawk Will Pop Up showing the below Details:
--== ICAO - Current Altitude - - Cleared to Altitude - Registration - Callsign - Type - Squawk - Route - Operator Logo - Extended Squawk Info ==--
Data Obtained from the PlanePlotter OLE will update in MySquawk as long as the Airframe is selected.