PlaneSymbols V3

New for 2017 and for use with PlanePlotter and above.
The below image is temporary until i get a good day with all the symbols plotting on screen.

The Below Symbols are NOT compatible with PlanePlotter Mobile.
This Update will Overwrite any data in your UserTag column

The Installer will make a backup of your existing sqb database, Please backup your existing symbol files in case you want to revert back to them.
These symbols work best and have been tested at symbol size 1.5 (Set size in Chart Options)


To Download PlanePlotter Symbols Version 3.2 Click Here 15/02/2018


$A Small Single Prop C172 etc
$B Large single turbo prop PC12 TBM7 etc
$C Small Twin Prop
$D Large Twin Prop Islander etc
$E Small Biz Jet
$F Large Biz Jet
$G Glider U2 etc
$H Rear 2 Engine Jet CRJ9 E135 etc
$I Small 2 Engine Jet 737 etc
$J Large 2 Engine Jet 767 etc
$K Small 4 Engine Jet Airliner and some 2 engine types
$L Large 4 Engine Jet Airliner B747 A380 etc
$M large 2 engine prop DH8D AT76 etc
$N Large 4 engine prop Lanc P3 etc
$O Small Helicopter
$P Medium Helicopter
$Q Large Helicopter
$R Chinook
$S Large Transport 4 Prop C130 AN12 etc
$T Large Transport 4 Jet C17 C5 etc
$U Osprey
$V Small Mil Jet Trainer Hawk AlphaJet etc
$W Military Jet Delta Shape Eufi Tornado(wings back) etc
$X Military Jet F15 etc
$Y ULACS Handgliders etc
$Z A400

PPm users that want to use the old symbols.
Download the below zip file and extract it, copy your sqb database to the extracted folder and run the SymbolUpdate.bat file.
This will remove the symbol tags from the sqb database and update it with the old symbols.
Copy the sqb database to your device and the old symbols should show.

NOTE: the below is for PPm users only....
Click Here to download