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PlanePlotter sharing - Current statistics at 2018-06-24 03:17:31
Total sharing users : 823 accessed within the last 3 minutes
VersionUsersUser IDs ('+' denotes a validated multilat Ground Station) +fm +t0 +FK +mB xz +x0 +bR +gH +Rc gb +y1 +rs +EP +ia +k9 +pf +iv +dx +fj +jg +lL +uB +d7 +cJ +ci +xN +pW +qX oU +aH +qQ +fK +d8 +u0 +d1 +IM nX iP +ww +y8 +Q7 +MG +sP +zV +ox +eg +jX eF +qe +gL +mz +dk ss vY +Ic +mW +fD +pb +Eb +ae nR +lZ +Gg j8 +eN +uU +ed +xp +lX +qD +zN +rB +Rx +KT +Mz +Ka +s8 l- +hf wd +Fk bq +z4 +yG +hb +t2 +vJ +EL +Er +FM +G5 +GB +c5 +I4 +u7 +zU PF +HS +Ky +lk +yD +eW +x9 +MA +JO +t7 +Da +eB +Ja +vV +mK qU hj fv +av rv +F5 +hV +uf it +fW +fL +sC eX +fx oa +FJ B9 sN +sf +gO lD +md +ow +pn rz bg +pc bY e- +b6 eA d4 n- dR gu +vS +qi +qF oc +p0 pT +of +fq +iy bs le +c6 +dN fr jJ lv hc ky +B4 +AQ +AP +bO +hW +gy ix nC +hB +kf +iR +ag +AO AB +Ie +go +wr c- +ws +f7 yg +yu +ik +zd +Ji hL +Cx +yl +Dn +jD iX bm +t1 +p2 mE +gJ +gm +hu ay vM +cD +ll +ac +j5 +um +a2 +vj +p9 +tj +Dd +oD +hN uA +jE +fp +vr +cM uz +t5 hk +PH +i7 +jk +M7 +JL +mq +Gi +hO +Ax +oP +cL +ga +tT +kj +pp +LT +oR Ba +Jm +Hj qh +m8 +Aq +m9 +A5 m2 +br +sD +kb +n8 +ys +rx +Kc +az +oy +M9 +uw +a3 +Hp +yr +JZ +hP +Ms LL +bU +w3 +sB +jI +mo +sz +kI +iY +PD +yC +sc +Gr TT +lt +uJ +fu hx +FR +Jt +cT vC +EK +vo +BQ wQ +yv xm +Fc +xt +dM +IW +rg +tg +kt +oQ +GX +PZ +hU +by +CW +KM +eu +qO +wt +gq +ko xf +xT +cc +lS +R8 +N4 +f5 +vb +xS sp ra +dp +ke +Bn +Ex IP +MU +wb jP +e5 +im +Jn +Gl +ib d5 +tE tn +aX +gT +aV +ol db +hX +qx +pu +p8 +pl +va +ej +KI +lT K9 +jQ +mF gi vK +pY +iJ +C2 +or +JA +HK +us +si +iz +mh +wo +vH +kQ +ux +e1 +d6 +mG +Ed +sW fQ +vt +yZ +bQ +kl oF +lx lG +Ma +Fs +pQ +oe +sR +Cd +sl +FN +hT +eK +ns C4 +jH +fl +my +g9 zs +Bh +Ds +pv gz +r6 +Bo +KF +bK +if +dY +Rb +vn +tq +dX +pL +p7 ek +qv +tB lV +nM oo +i8 iC +om +xl iG ts +nQ +pi rD +zR B3 +HA +Dc ok e0 +nI +o1 C6 dF +tD fs +IV +t6 +m5 ie +Cw bh +sH +wi +aM +EG +zX +sq +j9 +od +hA +jM ge eU yd iV Dq +px +eO p- aI +jO p- +qG sQ +Lg +jT sm +jz zF cp +gM +cV G2 cK nS +nF sM +rN aj +dI +nP +oi +oj +fJ +gk q7 +eT +bP +qS yS o0 +eV ea kU +KQ +fY bJ iW +o7 ka +lB g6 +zA +ly +h8 +bA +B1 +na +Ap xg +oO +rb wx +v9 +Ar am +eh +MJ +oH +FH l- Rd +El +IE +fO +yU +B8 b4 +fN +Bs +uG +BN +vf tA ni Bi +PN +JN +dD qW +C9 +rS +Ii +jB +zL +pw +Jk +Pv +bS j4 +aK +hC +yi +mx +oM +u8 +bZ +GI tZ +dg +eC u3 dv bP +uh gE +p6 h5 wn +QI gN +FT +de cd +r0 +mj qt lw +gX +oX +lH +It +mX K1 +pg +bW +ym gx +R2 +Qc +rT +hi fu +mc qc mQ ut +b1 +GL +cB +zw +f4 +rl AW +d2 +x7 +Fh +BI +xX oE +rF +CF gK +QF +zi +Al +zG yR +sd +tv hr +Kh cu +T1 +Lk +lE qR +Lh +wS +j7 +jN +ev +oZ +tS +es +JY Fn +B7 +xq +gZ gs +hI +g4 a8 iK +sA +zn bE +h1 +ng +JR +xa pA +aZ +k6 +bb r9 +on +HQ +mk +uV aT +Cy +Im Pz +fo +Id o- +Ck +o5 +wE +zk +rR +wJ +gG +sT +uO p5 zr +l2 +ku +xR +yH jR kG dn +zz tO cm qu +G6 rP m7 kg +x8 fw +nO +tV +nn kP +j0 +uN ep i3 +GT oL +r2 +w4 +E5 +Pg i- l7 mH +gf +aS aJ +ha +k2 d- Ip +Lj +GP we m1 bX +ye nG +q3 qo +Gy +sh +JV h6 is ql +hR tC k5 qn +iF rm Ff +nH yI nf LC +QK +JG z6 g3 mp +df zT kc gQ wW iM lW a- +xd nZ pq +Bp JE +b7 Ah er jj +BY kq +uq C3 h4 k4 +EM y5

Receiver type analysis at at 2018-06-24 03:17:31
Receiver typeTotal usersTotal GS (%)Avg. acft. per user last upload
ANRB170 (0%)8
Beast13398 (74%)24
PGR20 (0%)0
SBS303242 (80%)13
SSRx42 (50%)4
uADSB3316 (48%)11
RTL+RTL1090369 (25%)7
RTL+RPi13094 (72%)26
RTL+Win dump1090148113 (76%)10
Planefinder Radar75 (71%)47